Palang Tod Caretaker Ullu Web Series Cast and All Episodes List

Palang Tod Caretaker Ullu Web Series Cast and All Episodes List


There are many romantic parts of Ullu’s Palang Tod Web Series, one of which is also a Caretaker. Palang Tod Caretaker series is like any other heart touching romantic series.

In this article, you will be given much information like real actors name (cast), all episodes list and review of this series. The article has been written in a very interesting way, so read with heart beats.

Palang Tod Caretaker Ullu Web Series Cast and All Episodes List

Name of web series: Palang Tod Caretaker

Streaming platform: ULLU OTT

Language: Hindi

Release date: 05 February 2021

All Episodes number: 2

Producer: Ullu OTT

Director: Ullu Originals

Genres: Drama and romance

Palang Tod Caretaker Ullu Web Series Cast and All Episodes List

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Palang tod caretaker ullu web series

Palang Tod Caretaker Ullu Web Series Cast and All Episodes List
 Palang tod caretaker ullu web series

This web series is a drama and romantic series, where you get to see the scenes that make your heart beat. This web series is produced by Ullu OTT platform. Caretaker web series is available in Hindi language.

Rekha Mona Sarkar and Simran Khan’s main roles are seen in this web series. The series revolves around a sick old man. In the story, his son brings up a young caretaker. An affair seems to be going on between Babuji and the caretaker.

But the twist comes when the caretaker (Pammeela) falls in love with her son. How will the story progress? For this, you have to read further.
This series was first seen on 5 February 2020, which exploded everywhere. Today we will know in depth about this series.

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Palang Tod Caretaker Ullu Web Series Cast and All Episodes List

Palang Tod Ullu web series Wiki

Planag Tod web series is one of the most amazing and favorite series of Ullu OTT platform. Many parts of which have been made, such as Friend request, Bekaboo Dil, Shor, Kirayedaar and Salli aadhi ghar waali etc. It always brings a lot of entertainment to its viewers. In this way, the caretaker web series is also full of romance and drama.

Caretaker ullu web series story Hindi

The story revolves around a family in which Babuji, his daughter-in-law and son live. Babuji is ill, and as per the doctor’s advice, he needs a physiotherapy caretaker. So he gets a young and handsome caretaker for Babuji. That caretaker is very attractive.

The young caretaker enters the house wearing a sari. And seeing the caretaker, the desires of Babu ji’s heart are awakened. He is very good to her and the caretaker (Pummy) also takes care of her heartily from morning till evening.

In such a situation, Babuji starts getting better soon. But her son also gets immersed in Pammi’s performance and both of them slowly start having a relationship. In such a situation, Jeetu (son) starts living away from his wife (Sonia). And the distance between them starts increasing. Sonia comes to know that Pammi (nurse) is behind this.

One day the relationship between Pammi and Jeetu is noticed by her babu ji. Babuji then threatens Pammi that she will give him the same happiness, otherwise he will reveal the truth of the non-relation between him and his son.

However, Pammi readily agrees and after a few days she starts giving Babuji the pleasure of the night too. One day, his daughter-in-law Sonia sees all this. And tells her husband Jeetu. Jeetu gets very angry seeing this and throws him out of the house. And brings in a man in his place.

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Babuji becomes unhappy with the man’s care. His daughter-in-law Sonia notices all these things. Since the relationship between her and Jeetu was not good, she tries to take that pleasure from her father-in-law.

Means one day she goes to father-in-law and says that both of you and I are alone, because neither of us together can overcome this loneliness. And both start doing the same thing again. Thus, the story ends.

palang tod caretaker ullu web series cast / Real actors name

A total of 4 main star cast are seen in this web series. In the story, these characters are in the form of Babuji, Bahu, Beta and Narsh. Following are the real names of these actors:

Cast / Actors name:

Real nameCast nameAs roll
Tarakesh ChauhanBabu jiAs a patient
Simran KhanPammiAs Caretaker nurse
Rekha Mona SarkarSoniaAs Wife & Bahu
Lait DixitJeetuAs husband  & son
palang tod caretaker ullu web series cast / Real actors name

Apart from this, a doctor is also seen in the story.

palang tod caretaker ullu web series review

Palang Tod Caretaker Ullu Web Series Cast and All Episodes List
palang tod caretaker ullu web series review

I have told the whole story of Caretaker web series in this article. And hopefully you must have come to know from the story what kind of story it is. However, if we talk about the actors of the story, then all the cast perform well according to the drama in the story.

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Although there may be some disappointment in terms of acting, but that disappointment will be lost in the story. Meaning, the story will touch your heart and make your body hair stand out.

This series is a perfect choice for people above 18 years of age. Because some scenes of this series are not right for a young age, and it may have a wrong effect. But elders can thoroughly enjoy this series.

The background is seen very well in this part of Palang Tod and its shooting is also good.

Caretaker ullu web series all episodes

A total of 2 episodes are seen in this web series of Palang tod. As written below.

Palang Tod Caretaker, Episode 1

A physiotherapist nurse is brought in the first episode of Caretaker. Who fights with the son of Babu ji (patient). Its first part ends here.

Palang Tod Caretaker, Episode 2

In the second part, Babuji’s daughter-in-law Sonia gets Pammi (nurse) evicted from the house and has a relationship with her own father-in-law. This is where the last part ends.

Caretaker has only one season so far. And the second season is still awaited.

Caretaker ullu web series release date

Ullu released this series on 2 February 2020. You will find this series on Ullu’s official website and app.

palang tod caretaker ullu web series watch online

Ullu is one of the most spectacular OTTs, which is famous for releasing bold series. You will get Ullu through App and website. You can download its app from Google Play Store.

Furthermore, you can use MX Player to watch this web series for free, here you will get to see many web series for free. And you can also watch this series on Imdb.

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